GUAIFENESIN Increases the respiratory tract fluid.Reduces the viscosity of the tenancious and used as expectoreant.
METHOCARBAMOL Centrally acting relaxant, which has selective action on CNS and principally used for relieving painful muscle spasm or spasticity occuring in musculokeletal and neuromusculor and neuromuscular disorder
CAMYLOFIN DIHYDROCHLORIDE Its is a synthetic fast acting anti-spasmodic indicated for spasmodic condition of abdominal hollow organs. A classic Anti-spasmodic with dual mechanism of action i.e., Myotropic and neurotropic(Atropine and Papavarine like action).
PRENOXDIAZINE Non-narcotic anti-tussive with pre-dominant preipheral action on the stretch receptors in bronchi and bronchioles with excellent safety profile. Symptomatic relief from cough of all types, dry, wet, or asthmatic in all age groups.
LEFLUNOMIDE A new immuno modulatory agent licensed for Rheumatiod Arthritis with a different mechanism of action to other available disease modifying drugs. Similar efficacy and toxicity profiles to methotrexate.
GLIMEPRIDE When the blood sugar becomes uncontrollable by diet, physical exercise is used to control the blood sugar and a new molecule superior to Glipizide and Gliclazide.
GLYCOPYRROLATE Synthetic anticholinergic agent with longer duration of action and lesser CNS side effects than atropine.
Preoperative anti-muscarinic to reduce salivary, tracheobronchial and pharyngeal secretions. Introperatively to counteract drug induced or vagal taction reflexes with the associated arrythmias.Post operatively to protect against the peripheral muscarinic effects of Chplinergic drugs given to reverse the neuromuscular bloocked due to non-deplorising musle relaxants.
DOXAPRAM HYDROCHLORIDE A highly selective, peripherally acting respiratory stimulant with a high margin of safety that hastens arousal and return of laryngo tracheal reflexes in patients with mild to moderate respiratory depression.For adjunct treatment in emregencies associated with respiratory depression due to drug overdosage,Chronic pulmonary disease associated with acute hypercapnia and post anaesthesia.
CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE Chronic lymphocytic, granulocytic, acute myelogenous and monocytic leukemia,lymphoblastic.
CLOPIDOGREL It is Anti-thrombiote
PIOGLITAZONE It is good metabolic disorder type II diabetic drug and activated receptor gamma antagonist and nisulin senstizer