Manufacturing Facility

Stellar has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with modern infrastructure, ¬†in-process quality control laboratories, well equipped testing and calibration setup. Our core competence lies in the multi-technology facility coupled with our well- qualified and resourceful scientist’s approach for uncompromising quality that has helped us to strengthen our product portfolio. The present level of expertise has been acquired over a period of time by way of introducing increasingly complex APIs and intermediates requiring up to date chemistry knowledge and engineering skills. The manufacturing process involves complex chemistry and multiple steps in our routine activities including:

Alkylation |  Diazotization | Esterification | Friedel-Craft

Halogenation | Hydrogenations | Oxidation | Reduction

Transesterification | Molecular and Beckmann Rearrangement | Tosylation

Phase Transfer Catalyst | Enzymatic Resolution | Condensation

Amidation | Sand Meyer Reaction

Stellar is committed to delivering APIs and intermediates with quality and safety been the focus in every aspect from process to product development. Our quality assurance and quality control team incorporate stringent and rigorous quality protocols to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of every product we deliver to our customers.

At Stellar, we continue to upgrade our manufacturing facilities with best in class technologies, training and development practices while also expanding our position in the global market.